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Enhancement Git now available for Developers

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Most of our code is now open source.
You can go check out our git page at http://git.rengobli.at (Mirror)
Support now available again!
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The support for our resources will be available again from now on.
Lower Support for the next days
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Due to lack of time, there will be longer time for responses and updates atm.
This will be for approximately two weeks.
DeathChest Bug DeathChest: Bug Report
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We know from a error that players won't be able to open their DeathChest after re-joining the server and are working on a fix.
SkillZ SkillZ Update Bugfix
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Fixed a bug where you could get infinite Crafting EXP when clicking with a full stack in your inventory [https://rengobli.at/forums/index.php?threads/skillz-crafting-skill-bug.91/]
JumpWars JumpWars ◕ BungeeCord MiniGame ◕ Jump n Run ◕ PvP ◕ Stats (MySQL)
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Rengobli submitted a new resource:

JumpWars ◕ BungeeCord MiniGame ◕ Jump n Run ◕ PvP ◕ Stats (MySQL) - Finish a Jump n Run, loot items and fight!

JumpWars - Who will be the last one standing?

Brief description
In JumpWars, all players have to complete a Jump n Run. During that, they can look Ender Chests for items.
Once reaching the goal (Emerald Block), a Death Match will start.
The further you go during JnR, the more items you will get for the DeathMatch!

  • Map Voting or
  • Automatic Map Selection on Server start...
aEssentials Translation for aEssentials [German/Deutsch]
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Rengobli submitted a new resource:

Translation for aEssentials [German/Deutsch] - Translation for aEssentials [German/Deutsch]

Translation for aEssentials [German/Deutsch]
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SkillZ SkillZ Update 1.0.6: New Skill - Crafting!
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  • Added Crafting Skill
    • Added 36 default values
DeathChest DeathChest Update 1.0.1: New Methods
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New registration requirements
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As of now, you can only register through Minecraft using /register.
For existing forum users, the /link command can be used.


MGP: Update
New version of MGP out now!