You can now test MGParty!
IP: (MC 1.8-1.14.4)

SkillZ Fixed rewards

SkillZ Removed debug message

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Removed debug message

SkillZ SkillZ Update 1.0.5: Bugfix + New sound option

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  • Added sound option
  • Fixed custom names

ClaimZ Removed debug message

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Removed debug message

ClaimZ ClaimZ Update 1.0.5: New Flag and Configuration

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  • Added
    • Potion Splash Flag
    • Only claim members can now hit each other with arrow, snowball, egg
    • Possibility to disable player interaction if chunk is not claimed (default: true)

Minigame Party A lot of Bugfixes + New Implementations!

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  • Bugfixes
    • General
      • Games now correctly stop when there are < 2 players online in starting phase
      • Players now get correctly teleported to the lobby when games could not start in starting phase
      • Players now get correctly teleported to the lobby when games end in ingame phase
      • Items are now correctly removed when games end
      • You now always get the lobby items when a game ends
    • CraftIt
      • Fixed a bug where you were able to place blocks
      • Fixed a bug where Sugar Cane would not drop
    • Nexus
      • Fixed a bug where games would end twice
      • Spectators can no longer interact with the Shop NPC
      • Chatting as a Spectator will no longer throw an error in console
      • Players will now get...

Minigame Party New Testers for MGParty!

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A big and warm welcome to @SakyZ and @Pilz58 - our new Game Testers!
Their work is to test MGParty for bugs which are going to be fixed in the next version(s).

If you want to apply as a Game Tester, send us your application via the contact form.

Enhancement New User registration requirements

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New users do now need to click the e-mail confirmation link that they receive on registering.

Minigame Party MGP Test Server

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You can now test MGP on my public test server.

ClaimZ ClaimZ Update 1.0.4: New default values in config.yml

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New values:


MGP: New Version
New version of MGP out now!