(◕‿-。) aSkyWars ⊙▽⊙ 1.8 ◕ FIGHT IN THE SKY ◕ STATS ◕ KITS ◕ MAPS ◕ MySQL ◕‿◕

(◕‿-。) aSkyWars ⊙▽⊙ 1.8 ◕ FIGHT IN THE SKY ◕ STATS ◕ KITS ◕ MAPS ◕ MySQL ◕‿◕ 1.0.0

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aSkyWars - Fight in the sky!

Brief description
aSkyWars is another SkyWars plugin. What makes me special, is the amount of features I come with. If you wanna know more, keep reading!

Official Test Server: SkyPvP.net:40100 (MC 1.8 - 1.14.4)
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aSkyWars Features

  • Create your own teams!
    • Custom name
    • Custom dye
    • Custom player amount
  • Adjust the team selector!
    • Set your own name (GUI + Item in Inventory)
    • Set your own GUI size!
  • Huge Kit Management
    • Create your own kits!
    • Define your own kit items!
    • Define your own kit cost!
    • Set your own name (GUI + Item in Inventory)
  • Huge Message Management
    • Edit 100% of messages sent in the messages file!
  • Custom Chest Management
    • Create your own items in chests!
    • Set the amount of items in chests!
    • Random items in chests!
    • Random slot of items in chests!
  • Easy Setup!
  • Add unlimited maps using /addmap!
    • Set a creator of a map!
    • Nice help messages for maximum easy setup!
  • Implemented Stats System
    • Coins
    • Victories
  • Define your own coins!
    • Set amount of coins on kill
    • Set amount of coins on victory
  • Team Chat & Global Chat
  • Automatic Team selection if no team selected manually
  • Modern Scoreboard in Lobby & InGame
  • Strikethrough teams that are eliminated!
  • Modern ActionBar layout!
  • Modern MOTD layout!
  • Set wool block in inventory to chosen team color!
  • Modern tab layout!
  • Set color of team selected for players intab!
  • Automatic getting of server online!
  • Set your own network name for the tablist!
  • List of players in teams in GUI!
  • Unlimited amount of players in each team!
  • Unlimited amount of teams!
  • Unlimited amount of maps!
  • Unlimited amount of kits!
  • Unlimited amount of items!
  • Advanced configuration file!
    • Set min players needed to start
    • Set max players for ingame
  • Start command
  • Votestart command
  • Spectate system!
  • Set your own timers!
    • Lobby Countdown
    • InGame Duration
    • Restart Timer
  • 8 Pre-defined Teams!
  • 3 Pre-defined Kits!
  • 49 Pre-defined Items!
  • Automatic map selection!
First use

  1. Upload aSkyWars.jar into your /plugins folder
  2. Reload/Restart your server
  3. You WILL receive an error - Move to /plugins/aSkyWars/config.yml and fill in your MySQL credentials
  4. Reload/Restart your server
  5. You will now get a message like this;


.. and your configuration file will look like this;

Game Setup

  1. Set the main lobby using /setlobby (only required one time)
  2. Create a map using /addmap <Name> <Creator> <Icon>
  3. Set the team spawns using /setspawn <Map> <Team>
There you go, you just created a Map! Easy, isn't it?


What I should take note of to prevent a wrong purchase

  • This plugin requires a MySQL database connectivity
  • This plugin does not have a map reset implemented - We suggest you use a plugin like EasyMapReset by my good friend D3SOX.

Support, Help, Manuals & FAQ
Feel free to message me for any questions, inconvenses or errors regarding aSkyWars. If you have more than just a moment, I'd appreciate it that you message me on my forums, using the "Get support" button next to this description on your top-right. If not, PM me on spigot.

Thank you for reading and your interest. Feel free to ask anything.

Best regards,
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