(◕‿-。) Minigame Party ⊙▽⊙ 1.8 ◕ 9 MINIGAMES ◕ STATS ◕ RANKING ◕ MySQL ◕‿◕

(◕‿-。) Minigame Party ⊙▽⊙ 1.8 ◕ 9 MINIGAMES ◕ STATS ◕ RANKING ◕ MySQL ◕‿◕ 1.0.0

You can now test MGParty!
IP: SkyPvP.net (MC 1.8-1.14.4)

Minigame Party - The All-In-One Arcade System!

Brief description
Have you ever wanted to make a minigame server of your own, but it is too hard for you to maintain a whole network? Well, now your solution has arrived!
This plugin comes with several game modes, the possibility to add unlimited maps, an in-built stats- and ranking-system and so much more!

Minigame Party - Implemented Game Modes
  1. Hot Potato
  2. Bow Spleef
  3. Spleef
  4. OITC
  5. Slaparoo (KnockOut)
  6. Gladiator (Own Game Idea!)
  7. Nexus (Own Game Idea!)
  8. CraftIt (Own Game Idea!)
  9. TypeRace (Own Game Idea!)

Game Overview

Hot Potato
One player gets the Potato. He can hit someone to transfer the Potato to them. When the timer runs out, the player having the Potato in his inventory explodes and a new player is selected randomly. Goes until there is only one player alive!

Bow Spleef
Try to destroy the TNT blocks below your opponent's feet using your bow! The arrow landing removes the block instantly. In-built map reset.

Who doesn't know and love spleef? This mainstream game mode has also been added to revive nostalgic feelings in a veteran player's heart.

First published by The Hive MC, this game mode has been around for several years now. Your bow one-shots someone, your wooden sword does not. Try reaching the kill goal to win the game! In-built spawn camp protection.

Slap your opponents from the platform and lower their life points to 0! The last player standing on the platform wins. In-built spawn camp protection.

This game mode is an own idea. Each player is granted the same equipment and they try killing each other. After a set delay, a random event is going to happen. The first player beeing able to kill someone, triggers this event. From weapon and armor upgrades to new special items like the Vampire Sword, Gabriel's Blessing and the Grudge of the Dead, over 12 events are added to this game at the moment. The player living last won the game.

This game mode is leaned on BedWars, but has its own unique features. Two teams battle each other and try destroying their opponent's nexus (redstone or lapis block, depending on team). Use the game's unique shop items and reach for the goal!
This game mode is an own idea. On every round start, an item will be displayed in each player's actionbar. The player who crafts this item first wins!
You are able to get resources to craft by destroying blocks. Certain blocks drop their enhanced form (For example: Iron Ore drops the ingot, Gravel drops flints, ..). For some crafts, make sure to use the Special Items menu in your inventory!

This own game mode idea has the goal, to find the fastest typer on the server. You will get a randomly selected sentence and need to type it as fast as possible (correctly). The player who reaches the point goal first wins!

How it works

[LOBBY] When there are enough players online (set in config.yml), the plugin will select a random game of the ones above, as well as an random map added to the game by you.

[STARTING] After a set timer, the game goes into Startup phase, where every player is granted a brief description of what this game is about. After 10 seconds, the game then begins.

[INGAME] You are now playing the game (obviously). As soon as the winning credential is achieved, the game is going to stop and select a new game mode - returning to [LOBBY] phase, which means that a new random game and map is selected.

What makes me special

  1. 9 unique game modes
  2. The possibility to add unlimited maps to each game
  3. Random game and map selection
  4. Built-in map reset
  5. Built-in stats system (coins, points, victories)
  6. Built-in ranking system
  7. Built-in achievement system
  8. Unique shop mechanics
  9. Special Items
  10. MySQL database save
  11. I think there is more, but I do not know lmao

What I should take note of to prevent a wrong purchase

  • This plugin requires a MySQL database connectivity
  • You need at least one map for each game mode to be able to run it without any errors (obviously)

Setup Guide

Read this page for the in-detail setup guide. The version below will just be a brief description of it.

  1. Upload the resource to your server and fill in the MySQL database credentials
  2. Navigate to your console and add yourself as an MGP-Admin using /mgp addAdmin <YourName>
  3. Set the lobby location with /mgp set lobby
  4. Create a arena (map) for each game using /mgp arena create <Game Mode> <Map Name>
  5. Check if you have successfully added a map for each game with /mgp arena list
  6. If done correctly, reload/restart your server and enjoy the game!

File Management

The following files will be created and used by Minigame Party:
  • arenas.yml (For Map management)
  • config.yml (Multiple settings)
  • locs.yml (Locations)
  • messages.yml (Messages)
  • nexus.yml (Other locations for the game Nexus)

Support, Help, Manuals & FAQ

Feel free to message me for any questions, inconvenses or errors regarding Minigame Party. If you have more than just a moment, I'd appreciate it that you message me on my forums, using the "Get support" button next to this description on your top-right. If not, PM me on spigot.

Terms of Use

  • I am allowed to use this resource for my own minecraft server(s). I will not give it to anyone else.
  • I am not allowed to re-upload/sell this resource on any kind of service.
  • I am not allowed to decompile this resource. Neither am I allowed to view/edit/share/re-produce the source code in any kind.
  • No refunds.
  • I will NOT post a bad review and/or error in the discussion section. I acknowledge that there is the possibility of contacting the developer on his forums using the "Get support" button on the top-right, and/or using the PM (private message) on his SpigotMC profile (this website).

Thank you for reading and your interest. Feel free to ask anything.

Best regards,
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