ClaimZ ◕ Easy Land Claiming System ◕ SAFE ◕ 4 FLAGS ◕ PERMISSIONS

ClaimZ ◕ Easy Land Claiming System ◕ SAFE ◕ 4 FLAGS ◕ PERMISSIONS 1.0.7

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  • Adjust
    • Moved SHULKER_BOX to blocked groups
  • New
    • Admins can now interact with every claim (Permission: ClaimZ.admin)
Removed debug message
  • Added
    • Potion Splash Flag
    • Only claim members can now hit each other with arrow, snowball, egg
    • Possiblity to disable player interaction if chunk is not claimed (default: true)
New values:
  • Fixed a bug where members would sometimes not be acknowledged
  • Added protections:
    • Only claim members can now..
      • Interact with entities
      • Hit entities
      • Interact with certain blocks
      • Interact with certain block groups
      • Fill buckets
      • Empty buckets
  • Huge management options added in config.yml file
  • Fixed a language mistake where toggling flags would not send the player a message
  • Added the Enderpearl flag
  • Fixed a bug were you could claim chunks while not in a chunk claiming world
  • Removed WorldEdit and WorldGuard as a dependency. This was never needed, but included for testing.