We are looking for staff members!

We are looking for Staff!
You may apply here.

Added to Calendar: 28-09-19

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Aug 16, 2019
We are looking for new staff! Are you interested in testing, supporting, designing and/or building?
Apply now for a chance to become a Rengobli.at Staff Member!

We are looking for..
  • 2 | Game Tester | Currently in Team: 2
    • You test our games and try to find/exploit bugs. Reporting them in the forums is your job.
  • 2 | Designer | Currently in Team: 0
    • You design new thumbnails for our resources. "Resources" can be plugins, maps and updates.
  • 4 | Map Creator | Currently in Team: 2
    • Your job is to build new maps for our game modes. You will get paid for each verified download you achieve.
  • 2 | Resource Support | Currently in Team: 0
    • You answer questions from our customers in our forums, Discord, TeamSpeak and Minecraft Server.
  • 2 | Tutorial Creator | Currently in Team: 0
    • You create YouTube Tutorials to showcase our plugins. Video Editing should not be hard for you.

What you need
  • Be at least 16 years of age (Does only apply for Map Creators)
  • Speak and type english fluently
  • References of what you already designed/built (Does not apply for Game Testers)
  • A verified Minecraft Premium Account
  • Discord
  • Verified Account on Rengobli.at
  • Be Customer-friendly

What we offer you
  • A high quality staff team that tries to help you in every way possible
  • Payments
    • For Map Creators we pay for each verified download they achieve
  • Test Servers
  • Build Servers
  • Staff Member Badge on our forums
  • Rank on our forums, TeamSpeak, Discord and Minecraft Server(s)
  • When you are in our team long enough, you will also get:
    • [1 Month]: A free one week license of a Resource of ours of your choice
    • [3 Months]: A free one month license of a Resource of ours of your choice
    • [6 Months]: An additional payment equal to your job and what you achieved
  • Start and ForceMap permissions on our live servers
  • Customer contact
  • Your name will be displayed on what you do. We are a team, but each one of us is named separately aswell!

If you are interested, please consider posting your application in this category.


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